Tuesday 1st June 2010 - Married for 3033 days

About Us


ChristopherChris is a 31 year old systems administrator at the University of Sussex. He is originally from Slough, UK, but moved to Brighton for university and decided to stay. He loves wikipedia and has a wide range of knowledge in many areas ranging from history to linguistics to assorted branches of science. He is also an aspiring actor who has taken classes and was in his first major performance, the Ugly One, earlier this year.


JessicaJess is a 26 year old graduate student in English as a Second Language with a BA in Spanish and Portuguese. She is originally from Wisconsin, USA, and did university in Minneapolis, MN, but has lived on 5 countries (the US, Brazil, Spain, Australia, the UK) on 4 continents and plans to teach English or Portuguese as a second language once she finishes her Master's. She loves music, comedy and linguistics and is continuing to learn second languages in the form of Italian and Korean at the moment.

How we met...

We met on okcupid when Jessica was living in Sydney, Australia. Chris hadn't been planning on looking more than 25 miles away and Jessica was planning on trying to be more practical and only date locally.

One night, fed up with her lack of liking of Australian men, Jessica looked at global searches and stumbled across Chris. They were 96% compatible and he seemed like a really funny guy, but even so, she just passed it by out of her desire to be more practical. Fortunately Chris was feeling much less practical so he messaged her and things took off from there. Within six weeks, Jessica was on a 23 hour flight from Sydney to London and the rest is history.

The proposal...

..was more of a decision about how we wanted to live our lives. Besides, if you're on Skype and you go down on one knee, you tend to just disappear from view.