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Transport & Travel

Brighton is a very easy town to get around as it is small and centralized and brimming with buses, cabs and maps for confused tourists.

Travelling by Car

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Plane: Gatwick is much closer to Brighton than Heathrow, so I advise a flight into Gatwick if possible.

Bus: You could get the bus, but it is a very short cab ride from Brighton station, which will not cost much. For more information, go here: http://www.buses.co.uk/index.aspx

Also, know that if you plan to use the bus more than once, a city saver is your best bet. It costs £3.80 and gives you unlimited bus use for the day. Just make sure to save it!

Train:From Gatwick, there are many daily trains from Brighton. From London proper, there are many daily trains going from London Victoria and London Bridge train stations, most of which cost around £20, depending on how flexible they are and the time of day.

Taxi: There are cabs all over the place in the main part of the city. There will always be a line up right outside the train station and near the reception venue, there is also a cab spot on that same street. Cabs from the station to the wedding or reception venue will cost about £4-5.